101 Myths of the Bible: How Ancient Scribes Invented by Gary Greenberg

By Gary Greenberg

In his startling publication, Gary Greenberg exposes the truth at the back of the best tale ever instructed. know about the Egyptian myths and historic folklore that live to tell the tale in a single of history's so much sacred texts, and notice how:
-King David's bodyguard, no longer David, killed Goliath
-Noah's Ark didn't land on Mount Ararat
-Samson didn't pull down a Philistine temple
-There are no less than types of the 10 Commandments
-The partitions of Jericho have been destroyed three hundred years earlier than Joshua arrived there
-Sodom and Gomorrah have been legendary towns that by no means existed
-The tale of Esther had not anything to do with the Jews of Persia
-And a lot, a lot more
101 Myths of the Bible offers a brand new size of bible study for believers, historians and an individual who has ever questioned concerning the proof in the back of the legends. via having a look deeper into background, Greenberg exhibits that the genuine tale makes the Bible extra attention-grabbing than ever imagined!

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These four children, in the Heliopolitan tradition, corresponded to the basic elements of the universe. , group of nine). In the city of Memphis, which served as the first capitol of Egypt for almost one thousand years (c. ), the chief deity was Ptah, a crafts god. The Memphites, who were close neighbors of Heliopolis, claimed that it was Ptah, through the spoken word, who summoned forth Atum from the Nun. In all other respects, the Memphites generally adopted the Heliopolitan traditions. Myths of the Beginning 5 In the very ancient city of Hermopolis a slightly different tradition prevailed.

Parenthetically, this creates problems from a scientific view, since plant life requires sunlight to survive and grow and the sun has not yet appeared. But, we concern ourselves here only with the mythological aspects of the discussion. Keeping the Genesis description of the third day in mind, consider this brief excerpt from the Egyptian Book of the Dead, c. — Who made the sky, who created what exists; Who emerged as land, who created seed. This passage describes the same precise sequence as in Genesis, the appearance of sky, followed by land, followed by vegetation.

If we strip this myth of its polytheistic elements, as the Hebrew scribes would have done, it provides a perfect parallel to the events transpiring across the second and third day of Genesis Creation. Shu, who signifies the sky, is the offspring of Atum, the first light whom Egyptians associate with the emergence of the primeval mountain. Shu came into being on the very day that Atum appeared, following the emergence of the mountain from Nun (the Great flood). He (the sky) then separated Nut (heaven) from Geb (earth), tied the land together, and gathered together the waters of the flood into one place, (which created the Nile), the very same set of events as in Genesis.

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