A Blessing and a Curse: Autism and Me by Caiseal Mór

By Caiseal Mór

Becoming up in Australia within the Seventies, Caiseal Mor used to be labelled 'retarded' and 'an idiot', and his mom and dad have been resulted in think that actual punishment may perhaps therapy his autism. during this brave and alluring autobiography, Mor vividly captures his early reviews of dissociation from his precise lifestyles - a typical response by means of young children struggling with repeated abuse - and a few of the personas during which he lived via in his youth and early maturity - the Mahjee, Charles P. Puddlejumper, Marco Polo and Chameleon Feeble. The rocky course in the direction of gaining knowledge of his actual id and at last accepting himself takes him on a non secular pilgrimage through a number of diverse international locations, as soon as approximately getting stuck unwittingly sporting medications over the Moroccan border; forming relationships with humans he meets yet quite often misjudges; to the revelation - the awakening - of affection and recognition.

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The snake approached very slowly looking me straight in the eye all the while. He raised his head a little and arched his back; almost brushing my bare thigh. I saw his mouth open and then, just as he was about to answer me, Mother called out my name. I hated my name. I shivered at the sound of it. I still do. Green tree-man froze and cautiously withdrew a little. I could hear that Mother was angry but I had to know the answer to my question. I asked him again. He hissed something and puffed up the blue scales under his chin like a balloon.

I’d been doing Daleks for a long while. It’s still a bit of a party trick for me. My Dalek voice has come in very handy for fending off unwanted attention; it usually confirms my madness. The psychologist wasn’t smiling or laughing any more. He looked shocked. ‘I’m sorry,’ I offered. I was very concerned that I’d gone too far. ’ ‘Yes. ’ He frowned as he put out his hand toward my shoulder but I retreated out of his reach to the corner of the room. I expected he was going to slap me. I curled up waiting for a hiding.

It felt like Christmas. The new net had all sorts of wonderful pictures in its storybook weave. 48 The face of the bad person-possum and many others like him visited me at the window almost every night after that. They unsettled me a lot. I’d just huddle under the sheet and shake. My new net eventually helped me calm down. It was a magical barrier against evil. I soon became quite comfortable with the routine of the bad person’s visits. In time I actually looked forward to him dropping by. I told my teacher about the bad person.

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