A Grammar of Diyari, South Australia by Peter Austin

By Peter Austin

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3 Location nominals. 4). On semantic grounds location nominals can be divided into those with temporal reference and those with spatial reference. 4. The spatial location nominals consist of the directional terms (note that yara and yarra are only used with verbs of motion or induced motion): thinankara ‘north’ 54 Chapter 3 Morphology kunankari ‘south’ yantakara ‘west’ thirriwa ‘east’ yara ‘this way (direction towards speaker)’ yarra ‘that way (direction away from speaker)’ and the roots nhaka ‘there’ and nhingki ‘here’.

3. 3. Three-vowel sequences phonetic [ʌuʌ] [ʌui] phonemic awa example pawa gloss ‘seed type’ awi pawi ‘lignum tree’ Chapter 2 Phonology 33 [iuʌ] [iui] iwa iwi thirriwa thiwi ‘east’ ‘flower’ [ʌiʌ] [uiʌ] aya uya paya muya ‘bird’ ‘dry’ [uiu] uyu puyuru ‘kin term’ The term puyuru is the only instance of uyu in the corpus. Ngamini has nhuyu ‘elder brother’ (Diyari nhiyi) and wanakuyu ‘spear’ (Diyari katyi). All these examples show either a semi-vowel flanked by the low vowel a or a semivowel preceded or followed by a high vowel differing in frontness to it (where the other vowel in the sequence is a).

Groups of sisters, however, are termed kaku-mara ‘elder sister-kinprop’. 4. loc redup-speak-ptcple ‘I talked to the two sisters’ wara-yi aux-pres kaku-mara-nhi elder sister-kinprop-loc A more literal translation of (9) would be ‘I talked to the pair of persons one of whom is called “elder sister” by the other’. ) Sentence (9) in Diyari is actually ambiguous, since it could refer to a sister and younger male sibling; the usual interpretation however is that both individuals are female. Breen (1976c:209-97) illustrates affixes with this latter function of kinprop in a large number of eastern Australian languages, some of which have forms apparently cognate with Diyari -mara.

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