A handbook of Egyptian religion by Adolf Erman

By Adolf Erman

The quantity the following translated seemed initially in 1904...The Egyptian faith appeals to a few due to its unending number of shape, and the numerous levels of superstition and trust that it represents; to others as a result of its early acceptance of a excessive ethical precept, its intricate conceptions of a lifestyles after loss of life, and its reference to the advance of Christianity; to others back doubtless since it explains beautiful issues expensive to the collector of antiquities, and customary gadgets in museums. F. LL. GRIFFITH. (1907 - translator)

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Egypt possessed yet another god of warlike tendencies, SET. Few gods are so famous as he is, and yet his origin is entirely unknown to us. Tradition has introduced him as well as Horus, the ancient sun god, into the Osiris myth, and has blurred and confused both presentments. Horus becomes the son, and Set the wicked brother of Osiris, who is defeated by Horus, but it is exactly in this apposition of the two gods, that we find an indication of an earlier character for Set, t o which we possess other clues.

4. , t o the end of the list of the feast of Medinet Habu. 48 A HANDBOOK OF EGYPTIAN RELIGION cannot be far wrong when we imagine that their recitation would be a very perfunctory performance. They show very little poetical feeling, and with few exceptions they are all formed on the same model: they recount the names of the god, his crowns and his temples, and refer occasionally t o his characteristics and the legends concerning him. Praise to thee, Osiris, son of Nut, who wearest the horns and dost lean on a high pillar; to whom the crown was given, and joy before the nine gods ; whose might was formed by Atum in the hearts of m e n , of gods, and of the illimindted.

KEB LIES BELOW. ) given by another and later tradition. The reader will not have forgotten that there were other conceptions of the beginning of the world, as we have already learnt. I n this instance the sky is a cow. Once in ancient days Re, the sun god,ruled as king over men and gods alilce. I n course of time, however, he grew old, his bones were silver, his limbs were gold, his hair real lapis-lazuli. This was observed by men, and they thought blasphemously of him, but the god was not ignorant of their thoughts, and he said to one of his followers : ( I Call to me my eye, and Shu and Tefnet, Keb and Nut, together with the fathers and nzothers who were with me, when I was in the waters of Nun, and also the god Nun.

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