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A Woman's Place: A Novel by Barbara Delinsky

By Barbara Delinsky

The suitable spouse and mom, Claire Raphael transforms a pastime right into a profitable franchise enterprise, simply to have her monetary luck develop into a nightmare while her vindictive husband sues for divorce, not easy huge alimony funds and sole custody of the couple's kids. $175,000 ad/promo.

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I didn’t understand either one, didn’t have a lawyer to explain either one. I didn’t have my kids, didn’t have my home, didn’t have a place to spend the night, or a clue about how to restore sanity to my life. I was suddenly sweating, shaking, not knowing where to turn or what to do. The car behind me honked. I let up on the brake and rolled forward. “Okay,” I whispered. “Okay. ” So I wasn’t perfect. I had kept the kids waiting, had missed a parent conference. I had been in an accident with the kids in the car.

Tuesday night. To the frozen casserole you left. What did you put in it, Claire? If anyone is supposed to know what Kikit can and cannot eat, it’s you—and that’s not the worst of it. There was no Epi-pen. ” “I didn’t. I packed it. ” “No, it wasn’t. I looked. There was nothing there and nothing here. I had to rush her to the hospital. She was wheezing and swelling up the whole way. ” I pressed my chest. More than anything else, this took my breath. Medicine or no medicine, any attack Kikit had was serious.

At the same time, compounding his humiliation, the second quarter figures for WickerWise had come through looking better than ever. So he had threatened to move out. He did that when he was upset, or humiliated, or frustrated. It was part of the pattern. ” “I was. ” “Claire,” he mocked me and settled against the doorjamb, calm again. It was the calm that got to me, I think. It suggested that Dennis truly had the upper hand here. It put a distance between us, made his voice cold. “I want a divorce.

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