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Abide with Me by Delia Parr

By Delia Parr

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Andrea was restoring the bedclothes back to order. ” Andrea glanced down at the bed. ” Andrea turned and faced Madge, wearing an expression that invited no discussion. “I’m going to wait a few weeks. ” Madge nodded. “Okay. Then it’s just us. Just the sisters for now. ” Andrea nodded. “Just us. And all the angels He can spare,” she whispered. Madge swallowed hard. She managed to get outside to her convertible and drive halfway up the block before she pulled over and parked under the shade of one of the ancient oak trees that lined both sides of the street.

As Andrea sat up, all three cats scattered. One knocked Madge’s pocketbook to the floor and the contents spilled out. Her keys hit the floor with a clang and something, presumably her lipstick, rolled away, but all Madge could think about was the fear that wrapped around her heart. Andrea had cancer. Again. “Why? ” Madge cried, and dissolved into tears as Andrea’s arms wrapped around her shoulders. “Hush now. It’s not so bad. Really,” Andrea crooned. When Madge’s tears were spent, she sat back, hiccuped and wiped her eyes.

Now that was a plan! Whether inspired through prayer or her own sense of independence, Andrea liked it—a lot. Her mind raced ahead to the schedule of doctor’s appointments she had set up for the next five weeks. All were early-morning appointments, so she could continue to work, showing homes or attending settlements in the afternoons. Nothing unusual there. She always talked to her children at night, when they were finished with their work for the day. No problem there, either. Since Jenny worked nights and normally slept most of the day, and Madge was usually busy with her volunteer activities, Andrea was convinced she had hit on the perfect plan.

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