Amulets and Superstitions: The Original Texts With by E. A. Wallis Budge

By E. A. Wallis Budge

A vulture tied to the neck of a mummy gave it the power of the goddess Isis … girls in relevant Africa ate a frog to have huge households … A serpent head amulet may possibly beat back venomous snakes … Ethiopians wore stones to maintain the Evil Eye away … Abracdabra healed a guy struggling with fever … Hebrew ladies wore stones to avoid miscarriage … Emeralds cured ailments of the attention … Garnets safe guy from terrifying goals and pores and skin ailments … Melitites warded off childish ailments … Moonstones safe males opposed to epilepsy … Rubies safe males from witchcraft, plague, and famine …
By a long way the main thorough, such a lot interesting insurance of amulets and superstitions is the current ebook via Dr. E. Wallis Budge. In it he provides a wealth of knowledge at the origins of amulets and talismans of many cultures and traditions: Arab, Persian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Egyptian, Ethiopian, Gnostic, Hebrew, Mandaean, Phoenician, Samaritan, and Syriac. He discusses ring amulets, terra cotta devil-traps; stones and their prophylactic and healing characteristics; the significance of colour, form, and shape in amulets; the Swastika; the go; the crucifix; the evil eye; the Kabbalah; astrology; the seven astrological planets; theories approximately numbers (good and undesirable success numbers, sequences, magic squares); divination via water, earth, or sand; fortunate and unfortunate days; the hand of Fatimah; contracts with the satan and envoûtement. The textual content is profusely illustrated, with many reproductions of amulets, stones, prayers, crosses, numbers, seals, gods, earrings, symptoms of the zodiac, and lots more and plenty more.
Dr. Budge of the British Museum was once one of many optimum Egyptologists of the 20 th century. Dover additionally released lots of his different works: The Dwellers at the Nile, Egyptian Magic, The Egyptian e-book of the lifeless, and The Gods of the Egyptians.

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To feed himself and his woman and their children was often difficult, and to avoid or overcome the beasts and reptiles which were his natural enemies must have taxed his wit and strength to the uttermost; and the fear of the unknown dangers of the darkness and night, when the beasts of prey were prowling round his cave or his thicket, added greatly to his misery. In some places the vicissitudes of climate laid an additional burden upon him and he had to be ever on the watch in order to frustrate the attacks of his human enemies.

These women make no pretence to read the past in the lives of their clients, but claim to foretell the futures of some of them, and it must be admitted that their efforts are sometimes extraordinarily successful, that is to say their prognostications are often fulfilled literally. An experienced and discreet clairvoyante numbers her clients by the score, and they belong to all classes—soldiers, sailors, politicians, civil servants, and ecclesiastics, besides a considerable number of women, titled and untitled.

If we examine carefully the groups of amulets and amuletic inscriptions described and translated in this book, we find that each and all of them was believed to derive its protective powers from figures of the gods either engraved or drawn, and from the great names of the gods and of their divine attributes and the figures of sacred animals, and from inscriptions which contain divine names in various forms. All these amulets base their appeal to the Divine Powers for virility, fecundity, preservation of the family, success and well-being on the belief of their makers and wearers in the triumph of the Power of God over the Satans of every age and country, and the victory of Good over Evil, Law over Chaos, and Light over Darkness.

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