Ancient Egypt and the Near East: An Illustrated History by Marshall Cavendish Corporation

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The Coptic Papacy in Islamic Egypt (641-1517)

In quantity 1 of this sequence, Stephen Davis contended that the topics of 'apostolicity, martyrdom, monastic patronage, and theological resistance' have been determinative for the cultural development of Egyptian church management in past due antiquity. quantity 2, The Coptic Papacy in Islamic Egypt, exhibits that the medieval Coptic popes (641-1517 CE) have been usually portrayed as status in continuity with their saintly predecessors; even if, whilst they have been lively in developing whatever new, the Coptic Orthodox Church, a group that struggled to maintain a particular lifestyles and witness in the new Islamic global order.

Ancient Egypt: Foundations of a Civilization

Historical Egypt: The Origins will supply a superbly illustrated, easy-to-read textual content masking the formative period of the Egyptian civilization: the age ahead of the pyramids. the 1st hugely illustrated publication on Egyptian pre-history for non-specialists comprises all of the proof Egypt enthusiasts are wanting to study: Who was once the 1st Pharoah?

Trade, Reputation and Child Labor in Twentieth-Century Egypt

The traditional knowledge that political and fiscal actors in colonial international locations are passive and reactive is undermined through Goldberg's shut exam of the choices and calculations of top political and financial actors. Goldberg exhibits how severe judgements affecting Egypt's integration into the realm financial system have been in accordance with transparent understandings of what regulations have been probably to boost the pursuits of major curiosity teams, with effects that proceed to bedevil Egypt's political economic climate this day.

Thebes in the First Millennium BC

Thebes within the First Millennium BC is a suite of articles, based, yet now not totally, at the talks given on the convention of an identical identify geared up through the staff of the South Asasif Conservation undertaking, an Egyptian-American venture operating lower than the auspices of the Ministry of country for Antiquities, Egypt, in Luxor in 2012.

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Uruk potters invented the potter’s wheel—a wooden turntable that rotated, making it much easier to fashion clay pots. Later, the wheel was put to use on a cart that could be pulled by a donkey or mule, introducing arguably the world’s first method of wheeled transportation. 57 (c) 2011 Marshall Cavendish. All Rights Reserved. ANCIENT EGYPT AND THE NEAR EAST BCE. At first, his reign was uneventful. Then, a disastrous incursion by the tribes that the wall was meant to keep out resulted in chaos and a breakdown in internal administration.

Texts discovered by archaeologists list many battles between the two kings. Sargon triumphed eventually and conquered the rest of southern Mesopotamia as well, tearing down the walls of the cities he defeated. Sargon then marched to the edge of the Persian Gulf and washed his weapons in the water to show that he was the master of all the land between Kish and the coast. Sargon built a new capital city on the banks of the Euphrates River. He called the city Akkad (or Agade), and although the remains of the city have never been found, it is believed to have been near the present-day city of Baghdad.

His Akkadians and the people of northern Sumer gradually merged to produce a new, highly advanced civilization that left a considerable and lasting mark on Mesopotamian culture. Sargon’s empire Sargon’s newly erected capital had none of the prestige of Sumer’s ancient cities. Nevertheless, thanks to its position on the Euphrates, Akkad soon became a thriving trading center. People flocked to it from all over the empire, bringing goods such as grain and livestock to trade. At the same time, ships from faraway India and Egypt brought exotic goods to sell.

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